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Styling Your Kitchen 101: Cabinet Door Designs

So, you’re ready to take that amazing leap and re-envision the most central room in your home, your kitchen. And just as you get started your brand-new best friend (your designer) hits you with the question. “So, what door style are you thinking about?”

You did your homework, you took all of the online quizzes to find your “personal style”, you have Pinterest boards that are full of gorgeous color combinations and the most awesome inserts that offer all the modern conveniences you’ve been wanting for so long… you know, the ones your friends and family will wish they had. But now you have to decide on a door style. Your mind starts to race… again 😵‍💫.

Just a heads up, you’re going to be given a ton of options to choose from and it’s super easy to get overwhelmed but fear not! It’s all pretty straight forward, so you can set the Xanax aside and put down the bottle of wine. Actually, go ahead and get yourself one more glass. You’re here reading this blog and I got your back.

As a pro I can give you a couple of quick pieces of advice and a quick lesson on the 5 most popular door styles.

  1. Trust your designer – They eat, sleep, and breathe this stuff

  2. Two doors at a time – Do not look at a giant wall of doors… just don’t, trust me

    1. View doors side by side, 2 at a time

      1. Choose the door you like best and discard the other

      2. Repeat the process with the door you previously selected and a new door style

  3. Take “finish” out of the equation

    1. Try to look at unfinished doors or at least doors with the same finish

      1. This way the finish is not unfairly influencing your door selection (believe me… this happens without you knowing it)

  4. Trust your designer

Now moving on, as your trusted designer, allow me to present to you the 5 most popular door styles.

Shaker Door (also known as “recessed panel”)

  • Easily the most popular style door today

  • The simple, yet sophisticated look offers a more timeless option so you can obtain that minimal look for when “less is more”; or it can be jazzed up with the right door hardware that makes the space, “oh so you”

  • Moldings and other details can be added to give either a dressed up or more traditional look. It is truly adaptable to you

  • Oh, and it’s so easy to clean

Raised Panel Door

  • A more traditional look for more traditional homes

  • Popular finishes are often wood stains, on cherry, oak and/or maple

  • This style looks great in light paint colors (adding glazing increases character)

Beaded Style Door

  • Looking for a perfect fit for that “cottage core” look, you found it!

  • And you’ll often find this look used in bathrooms and mudrooms for those who desire more of a farmhouse look

  • Sometimes designers blend beaded as an accent feature in islands in a standard shaker door kitchen

Slab Style

  • This is a popular choice for you minimalists who love that sleek, modern look

  • And if you’re in search of a surface that’s easy to clean, and keep clean, look no further

  • Versatility is a huge plus with slab doors

  • This style door looks amazing different finishes, such as painted or laminate

  • Laminate finishes can look like metal, wood, or even glossy or matte paint… you can even find some that are different patterns

Specialty Door: Prepped for Glass

  • Many styles pair well with glass doors

  • In addition to kitchens, this look is popular in a bar, banquet, or bookshelf setting

  • Plus, they are typically offered with a plethora of glass types that instantly customize your overall room

  • Today many designers use them in the top section of wall cabinets, creating a beautiful showcase section or adding additional pop to the room with backlighting or even a flare of personality with color

Look at you… you’ve been so productive, and you’re better prepared to answer the “door style” question with your designer. I know by now your wine glass may be a little on the empty side so, feel free to pour another and keep building your new dream space. 🤩

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