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The Rhyme & Reason; Quartz vs. Granite

Updated: Apr 3, 2023

Listen up y'all, let me break it down,

We're talking 'bout countertops, the best ones around.

Quartz and granite, two options so fly,

Which one to choose? It's a tough decision, my oh my.

Granite's got that natural look,

With speckles and veins that's off the hook.

It's tough and strong, with beautiful grain,

But sealing it up is a bit of a pain.

Now let's talk 'bout quartz, a man-made gem,

With colors and patterns that's like a true gem.

It's non-porous, so no need to fret,

No sealing required, easy to clean, you bet.

But, it's a bit pricey, so you gotta be bold,

And it's not natural, if that's your mold.

But, it's strong and durable, that's a fact,

And in the kitchen or bathroom, it's gonna bring the impact.

So, which one's for you, it's all up to taste,

Both options are lit, no time to waste.

So, make your choice, and don't think twice,

For either way, your countertops gonna be so nice.

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