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Unlock Your Inner Chef

Let’s talk about unlocking your inner Bobby Flay, or in my case, my inner Gordon Ramsey. Or maybe you’re more like one of the contestants on Food Network’s ‘Worst Cooks in America’… that’s okay because either way you are seeking a sure-fire way to blow your in-laws away at holiday meals.

My experience is that it starts with having the right tools or, in this case, the right kitchen remodel.

Let’s check with the experts, Houzz. One of their most recent surveys showed “a third of homeowners report leading a healthier lifestyle after a kitchen renovation, from eating more fruits and vegetables to preparing more meals at home.” And as someone that recently remodeled their own kitchen, I am definitely in that third of homeowners. It is amazing how the right space encourages you to make better choices.

It’s better form and function leading to a better lifestyle.

As an example, my new spice pullouts not only made my spices more accessible and organized, it compelled my inner chef to want to use and experiment with them more. Having an undercounter wastebasket made cleanup easier taking away one of the common barriers to wanting to cook from home. And increasing the number of drawers, especially the deep ones, created more space for me to store the fun and flashy pots and pans I always wanted. Even my new Calcutta countertop egged me on to cook more. It gleamed with inspiration for me to display all of my homemade delicious delights to my family and friends. I literally can’t wait to home-cook for everyone.

My inner chef is very happy with life, which is great news since a recent CBS news article reported that the average person spends more than 400 hours per year in their kitchen – that’s nearly 10 work weeks of your year. Heck, that’s nearly 4 years of your entire life in the kitchen! Definitely time to unlock your inner chef like I have.

Take it from my experience, the right kitchen remodel is the 1st step.

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