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Your Barstools, What the Heck are They Saying About You?

Accents, statement pieces … big and small … are often that taste/flavor, that je ne sais quoi that shouts or maybe whispers who we are as individuals. Ponder for a brief moment the amount of Pinterest time we spend on uncovering those pieces that cleverly spotlight just who we are in this crowded world.

Hmmm … Wondering what your choices in bar stools are shouting or whispering about you? Well, Mark Stapperfenne, Jennifer Hutton, and Sam Souders of the National Kitchen and Bath’s 30 under 30 class of 2020 mused deeply about this. So much so that they were asked to present their thoughts at the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show. Take a peek at their views, see who you are today and maybe choose who you’d rather be tomorrow.

When it comes to expressing vibrant lifestyle, you see that it isnot as easy as the new hair color we get at the salon. This was definitely an over-eccentric touch on something designed to be simple. Is it yellow? Is it Green? What if the Kids get paint on them? No problem because this homeowner embraces modernism. We’ll give them the benefit of the doubt… sometimes the clearance section at Target is the right deal to compliment a salad-focused life.

We know how the story goes. He got the say for 1 thing in the new remodel. She figured, “how can he mess this up?” Well, he had 1 job… and he came home with these. Is anybody else getting drinking trolley vibes? Maybe reminiscing the Nashville pedal tavern experience through the seating selection had all the best intentions behind it, but it’s bringing serious man-cave vibes into a nice new remodel. If we ditch the pedal accompaniment, we think this has potential.

Stylish, sleek and minimalist. There are 2 things we know for certain about the owner of these. First, they are doing the most to add a level of sophistication in their otherwise cramped apartment in Ghent, playing off that modern theme throughout the complex to match their youthful energy. And secondly, they probably have not used their kitchen beyond turning the Keurig on and off since moving in.

A classic white or grey pleather cover on stainless steel stools is a staple. The mid-life crisis is showing bright when expressing with high dollar fire engine red accents. We’ve all been in the dressing room and said that blouse looked great at the time, until we brought it home and we didn’t have anything that matched. Same thing goes for bar stools we see on the shelf at IKEA. Thank goodness for returns!!

The kids have moved out, the animals have moved onto the great beyond, and it’s time to bring the neighbors into the budding social life of this new empty nest situation. This is TRULY a flex. We can see someone else handles the cleaning of the tedious pieces at this point in life. After all, we do not want to scuff the matching snakeskin boots. Let us know the address, this house understands the party, and we bet they make a martini to die for.

This is a great example of making the most out of nothing. There is only one thing more exciting than moving into that first apartment… hearing that grandma has extra furniture she isn’t using!! These stools were premier when she bought them 50 years ago. Luckily, with some elbow grease and $20 of Home Depot spray paint, they are easily tolerable to put into the first ever living space. After all, mom finally has zero say in what is in the space (unless she’s supplying the rent money… maybe she can afford a trip to crate and barrel).

AH YES! We can smell the Coppertone from here. The timeless wicker furniture, perfect for every coastal application. Anchors on the wall, dolphin lampshades with seashells in the base. We are sorry we keep asking when we can visit the beach house, but we know the open and airy in-house environment matches the outside environment of Sandbridge. Speaking of which, we dig the functional brass kickplate. There’s something to be said for a tasteful light accent, on an already well accentuated abode. We’ll figure out what that saying is after a round of mojitos on the beach.

This person understands relaxation. It must have been a brain blast as they were resting their eyelids deep in their lazy boy recliner, where they thought to themselves, “why limit this level of comfort to the living room?” We bet John Taffer would have these at any one of his oak and metal laden bars. For the home, it feels like a contemporary idea that could be well executed in a very warm space (emphasis on the VERY.) Men, we know this one was your idea, and pending the surrounding conditions, we approve.

Wow, there’s a lot to unpack here. We agree, Austin Powers was a great movie, and Aliens might be real, but maybe this gentleman’s cinephile direction on the design choice went too far. Is it as comfortable as their moon boots? We’re trying to imagine the space this works in, or if there is a massage function we’re not seeing. Great choice on the adjustability, but this whimsical sky mall purchase is a lost cause. When Hollywood looks for pieces for the live action remake of the Jetson’s, make sure to leave us an email we can pass along.

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