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Our story is pretty epic; and believe it or not, our founder being let go from the local Ford factory is what paved the way to where we are today. Dave wasted no time dilly-dallying around. He took those lemons and made one heck of a batch of lemonade pursuing what he loved most... woodworking.

With his chin up, a little garage, a couple machines and a whole lot of sawdust, Dave took hold of his ambition and passion and focused it on the beauty and love of your home sweet home.

Present day, Dave’s Cabinet is Tidewater’s premier design destination and supplier for all thing’s kitchen & bath.

No longer a one-man band, Dave’s has elevated to an amazing and talented team of designers, craftspeople, fabricators, and installers. From a small garage, to a quaint shop, to what has now evolved into a 120,000 sq. ft. local showroom and manufacturing center...and that’s not including our onsite, granite/quartz fabrication facility. We even have our own laser water jets to cut granite with. Pretty nifty!

But get this, the most important part about our story is, in fact, your story. Because all we do is dedicated to you; devoted to providing you and your family the stunning spaces that you have been dreaming of; the home to your future story.

Join the Dave’s family and let’s start your beautiful new journey today.

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