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Indigo Kitchen and Bath is the perfect place for those who are looking for the best cabinetry solution for their home projects. We have a wide variety of brands that are carefully selected to suit every taste and budget, ensuring that each client finds the perfect match for their style and financial requirements. Whether you prefer modern designs, timeless classics, or rustic charm, our extensive selection guarantees that you will find many options to choose from. Moreover, our customization services can help you tailor your cabinets to your exact specifications and space requirements. At Indigo Kitchen and Bath, we don't just provide cabinets; we deliver personalized solutions that transform your vision into reality.

Indigo Custom Cabinets
  • Fully Custom Cabinets with all kinds of door styles and colors.

  • You Dream It, We Build It!!

  • Green Forest Cabinetry offers value-priced superior quality cabinetry with all classic on-trend colors and door styles.

  • The product line features all wood cabinets assembled using advanced engineering and an innovative locking joint system that allows for the fastest and easiest assembly in the business and the cleanest look in the marketplace.

  • It all adds up to happy projects and clients.

Green Forest Cabinetry
Executive Cabinetry
  • Executive's frameless cabinets meet the needs of a customer who is on the move, who pursues a better quality of life, and who has the savvy and resources to shape it. The full range of semi-custom options in door styles, finishes, and decorative details can create any style a homeowner desires.

  • Woodland focuses on manufacturing high-quality cabinets, especially unparalleled and elegant inset cabinets constructed of furniture board interiors and wood-exposed exteriors. 

Woodland Cabinetry



When it comes to countertop fabrication services, we are confident that we offer the best. Our exquisite services feature in-stock Granite and Quartz selections that cater to your unique needs. Our skilled craftsmen meticulously craft each countertop to perfection, ensuring quality that's unparalleled. Our in-stock Granite boasts timeless elegance with diverse colors and patterns to suit every aesthetic preference. On the other hand, our in-stock Quartz is engineered to withstand everyday use while exuding undeniable charm. With state-of-the-art equipment and exceptional craftsmanship, we guarantee superior results that elevate your home or business. Trust us to transform your vision into a reality that leaves a lasting impression on everyone who beholds it. Experience the pinnacle of luxury and functionality with our countertop fabrication services. Choose us today, and let us exceed your expectations. Check out our best-selling stones below!


Quartz - Calacatta Bello  

Quartz Calacatta Bello
 Quartz - Calacatta Oro

 Quartz - Calacatta Oro

Quartz - LG Viatera Aria  

 Quartz - LG Viatera Aria
 Quartz - LG Viatera Aria Details
 Quartz - LG Viatera Everest
 Quartz - LG Viatera Everest Details

 Quartz - LG Viatera Everest

Quartz - Calacatta Miraggio Gold  

Quartz - Calacatta Miraggio Gold  
Quartz - Calacatta Miraggio Gold  Detail
 Quartz - Unique Calacatta
 Quartz - Unique Calacatta Detail

 Quartz - Unique Calacatta


Granite - Fantasy Brown 

Granite - Fantasy Brown
 Granite - Black Pearl
 Granite - Black Pearl Detail

 Granite - Black Pearl

Granite - Luna Pearl 

Granite - Luna Pearl 
Granite - Luna Pearl Detail
 Granite - Bianco Antico
 Granite - Bianco Antico Detail

 Granite - Bianco Antico



Step into a world of timeless sophistication with Indigo Kitchen and Bath. Our meticulously crafted wood mouldings and interior doors exude unparalleled quality, meticulously sourced and crafted to elevate any space with an aura of refined luxury. Whether you want to add intricate crown mouldings or grandeur doors to your home, our selection is perfect for those who appreciate the finer details. Each piece embodies the artistry of seasoned craftsmen, who marry exquisite design with enduring durability. At Indigo Kitchen and Bath, we invite you to indulge in the splendor of unparalleled craftsmanship, where every touch resonates with the essence of sophistication. Elevate your living spaces and leave an indelible mark of elegance with our distinguished wood mouldings and interior doors.

Mouldings - Base
Mouldings - Casing
Mouldings - Casing
Mouldings - Casing
Moulding - Colonial Crown
Mouldings - Crown Base
Mouldings - Chair Rail
Mouldings - Fingerjoint Shiplap
Mouldings - Craftsman Style
  • Casing

  • Base

  • Base Cap

  • Crown

  • Crown Base

  • Chair Rail & Backer

  • Stool

  • Misc. Moulding

  • Finger Joint

  • Craftsman Style

  • Interior Doors

  • Closet Material

Interior Doors
Interior Doors
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