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Vinyl in Kitchen Cabinets? Hard Pass!

As a mom, I know that the kitchen is the heart of the home. Right? It's where we gather

to cook, eat, and make those indelible memories with our families. That's why you and I

both want our kitchens to be functional and durable and easy on the eyes to boot!

So, for me, having vinyl in my cabinets is a hard pass. I know, I know, vinyl

definitely seems like the more affordable and convenient option. Still, once they’re

installed, you will soon enough discover that vinyl on in kitchen cabinets has more

headaches than benefits. Nobody’s got time for that!

So, let's check out some of the reasons vinyl is a hard pass for moms like me.

NOT Vinyl Cabinetry

1. Scratches and Dents: A Recipe for Disaster

Vinyl is thin and flexible, lacking the durability and resilience needed in a kitchen. The

daily wear and tear of cooking, cleaning, and just plain ole regular living can easily

scratch or dent cabinet vinyl, leaving them pretty rough looking. And let's be real, with

kids running around and the occasional accidental bump, scratches and dents are

bound to happen. That’s just life with kids.

2. Moisture and Heat: A Dangerous Combination

Kitchens are by nature are spaces with high humidity and temperature levels, and that

is a bad combination for vinyl. Moisture can seep into the vinyl, causing it to warp,

bubble, or peel, creating not only an eyesore, but an unsanitary environment too. The

heat generated by cooking surfaces and ovens can cause vinyl to shrink or crack,

further damaging the cabinets' structure, appearance and resistance to germs, bacteria,

and mold.

3. Limited Design Options: A Tasteless Affair

Design options for vinyl materials on cabinets are far and few between, especially if

you're looking for a specific style or finish. Vinyl comes in pre-manufactured sheets or

rolls that are glued to the cabinet surface, which can create a cheap and artificial look.

In addition, vinyl cannot be painted or refinished, which means you're stuck with those

unchangeable, plain-Jane cabinets for the duration of their life.

4. Healthy Living Choices: My choice to live Vinyl Free

For those of you like me, we are trying to create the healthiest and most eco-friendly

environment for our children. And Vinyl is a huge concern for me. It’s plastic, its PVC,

it’s the opposite of natural healthy materials.


As a mom just trying to do the best for my family. I want that super cool trendy kitchen,

but I demand that it be safe, sanitary, and durable. Scratches, dents, lack of moisture

and heat resistance, limited design options, and PVC aren’t a part of that. So, in my

opinion, the problems that come along with vinyl cabinets definitely outweigh any

benefits. So, for me, vinyl in my kitchen cabinets is a hard pass!

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