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Chocolate Candy Storage Showdown: Pantry, Freezer, or Refrigerator?

Chocolate candy is a beloved treat enjoyed by worldwide. But when it comes to storing these delectable goodies, opinions vary to say the least. Some prefer the pantry, while others opt for the freezer or refrigerator and our Indigo offices are no different. Check out all three sides of the debate from our passionate in-office chocolate enthusiasts!

Indigo’s Pantry Champion: Embracing the Temperate Haven

If you ask me, the pantry is the perfect place to store chocolate candy. Here's why:

a. Temperature Consistency: Chocolate is overly sensitive to temperature fluctuations, heck it can melt or become dull in appearance when exposed to heat. So, my pantry is the perfect place to hide it … store it. Being a cool and dry area with consistent temperature is the ideal environment to keep my chocolates’ quality, texture, and yumminess exactly as I desire.

b. Flavor Preservation: Close your eyes and immerse yourself in chocolate’s unique flavors and aromas. Storing it in the pantry ensures that the taste and aroma I covet are unadulterated. The pantry is free of all potential odor absorption unlike my freezer or refrigerator.

c. Convenient Accessibility: My pantry chocolates are easier to get to for a discreet quick indulgence. And there is no thaw time to wait before I can enjoy its pleasures.

Indigo’s Freezer Enthusiast: Cool and Long-Lasting Bliss

For me, it’s all about the freezer. It is truly the ultimate chocolate candy storage solution. Here's why I'm freezing with joy:

a. Extended Shelf Life: Freezing chocolate slows down the aging process and preserves its quality for a longer period. This is particularly beneficial since I buy my chocolates in the “big bags” and the freezer keeps my large stash fresh for all occasions.

b. Enhanced Texture: I am one of those chocolate lovers that enjoys the crisp, snap-like texture of frozen chocolate. The low temperature in the freezer adds an extra satisfying crunch to my treats.

c. Melting Prevention: Seriously, there is no chance it melts. I want my chocolate to look like it is supposed to in the wrapper and living in a warmer climate … my

freezer is my savior. Plus, it keeps the delicate fillings and coatings exactly where I want them to be as I take each glorious bite.

Indigo’s Refrigerator Devotee: Chilled and Controlled Delight

In my opinion, the refrigerator is the only way to go for storing chocolate candy. Here's why I'm chilling out with the fridge:

a. Heat Protection: Like the freezer, my refrigerator protects chocolate from excessive heat, ensuring it retains its shape and doesn't melt. This is particularly useful since I live in one of those hot and humid zip codes.

b. Temperature Control: Yes! I love that unlike in my freezer, my chocolate is chilled just right, not frozen. So, no broken teeth and unexpected trips to the dentist. All the benefits of cold chocolate and none of the danger!

c. Versatile Usage: Finally, my refrigerator allows me to store a variety of chocolate candies, from solid bars to filled bonbons. Literally almost any chocolate and the bonus is that I can temporarily save partially consumed chocolates. You know, the ones I trick myself into thinking that they have less calories since I eat them in smaller pieces.

So, what is the Indigo Chocolate lover teams’ conclusion?

It’s really just personal preference. So, whichever option you choose, savor every rich and indulgent experience of your favorite chocolate treats.

Happy storing and even happier chocolate snacking!

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